Timeline of Madonna’s 80’s stardom

1978: A star was born

Madonna was born in Louisiana, but soon dropped out of her local high school to pursue her dream of a career in dance in New York City


When releasing her debut single ‘Everybody’, the label reportedly refused to feature Madonna on the cover, as her prime demographic was targeted towards African American listeners.

1983: Debut album

Madonna’s self titled album was released July 27th in 1983, peaking to an impressive No. 8 in 1984 in the charts, The album included hits such as ‘Lucky Star’.

1984: MTV VMAs

Her performance at the VMAs has since been considered a pivotal moment in her career, wearing a now iconic lace dress as she sang ‘Like a Virgin’. The performance was suggestive and controversial, making her fan base growing incredibly fast.

1985: Desperately Seeking Susan

Madonna made her movie debut, starring alongside Rosanna Arquette in Desperately Seeking Susan, playing herself.

1986: True Blue

Her third album was dedicated to her then-husband Sean Pen, which took on mature topics such as pregnancy and heartache.

1989: Like a Prayer

One of Madonna’s most controversial videos to date, receiving hate and bad press for incorporating a heavily present Christian theme of the embodiment of Christ.


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